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•          Drink plenty of water for 24 hours to help with the elimination of toxins, hydrate the body and help with energy levels

•          Try to avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol for 24 hours as this will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment

•          Eat lightly and healthily to allow the body to put all its energy into healing

•          Rest as much as possible and avoid strenuous exercise to help with the healing process

Reflexology is a holistic therapy and embraces every facet of our existence, emotionally and physically.  Most people experience a deep sense of relaxation or may feel re-energised, its effects vary from person to person.

Occasionally you may feel some short-term negative effects. This might happen as a response to the treatment, when your body takes a while to come back into balance. This is nothing to be alarmed about. You might experience:

•          Increased need to go to the loo

•          Tiredness, headache or dizziness

•          Change in sleep patterns

•          Mild nausea

•          Temporary worsening of other symptoms

•          Emotional changes

•          Cold like symptoms 

•          Sensations in parts of the body where we have worked on your reflexes

This is called a healing reaction. It may clear up in the next few hours, or in some cases, might last 24-48 hours as the body balances itself.

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